Friday, January 29, 2010

Nak tukarlah..

Bila melompat ke blog orang sana, menyinggah blog rakan sini, melawat masuk kawan sinun, tengok latar belakang blog diaorang semuanya cantik-cantik belaka.  Sedap sahaja mata memandang.  Bila segalanya menawan, hati mula terpikat mestilah orang akan melekat sahaja di blog tersebut kerana semuanya ada. 

Teringinlah pula nak buat macam tu.  Tapi tak pandailah pula.  Ada sesiapa boleh ajarkan tak?  Mungkin saya boleh minta khidmat nasihat Macho Man atau pun Puan Ninie.  Diaorang ni memang hebat-hebat belaka kalau nak dibandingkan dengan saya.  Tengok umurlah.  Lagipun pendedahan yang mereka terima lebih meluas dari saya.  Al-maklumlah, saya ni baru berjinak-jinak. 

Terus terang saya katakan di sini, saya hanya mula pandai mengenal serba sedikit dunia IT ni kalau tak silap dalam awal tahun lepas.  Sebab itulah pertengahan tahun lepas barulah memiliki komputer riba sendiri.  Selama ni saya menggunakan komputer di pejabat sahaja.  Amatlah cetek pengetahuan saya mengenai dunia serba canggih ni.  Sebab itulah orang dah jauh ke hadapan, saya masih lagi terkedek-kedek macam itik pulang petang.  Tapi walau apa pun, saya akan sentiasa memperbaiki diri sendiri.  Kita hidup di dunia kan tak akan putus-putus mempelajari sesuatu.  Hanya orang yang tidak berakal sahaja akan berhenti untuk belajar.

Dalam draft sebenarnya banyak topik yang ingin dikongsi, tetapi oleh kerana angin kemalasan telah melanda oleh itu saya tangguhkan dulu untuk dipersiarkan di sini.  Moga-moga bila segala idea telah kembali subur akan saya kongsikan bersama di sini.  Apa pun, saya memang serius untuk membaik pulih wajah blog ini.  Sesiapa yang ingin sudi membantu, alhamdulillah.  Tapi apa pun memang saya akan paksa Macho Man untuk menghulurkan bantuan tapi tak adalah sampai menggunakan kuasa veto.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Continue of Celebration...

2 weeks after GM's Birthday, Hubby Pn Ninie aka Syauki birthday arrived on calender.  My second time celebrate his birthday and 1st time within our family.  Not so sure with the planning of celebration all about, at last Pn Ninie decide to celebrate her hubby's birthday at their home.  Maybe she wanted to cook for all of us.  About 10pm we gathered and gave him a surprise.  Some funny moments still recorded in my mind especially Buah Hati's attitude towards the surprise planned such as try to be in silent mode while Syauki inside the bathroom, keep on tracking with the cake in the kitchen, not wearing any pants and others.  Our present for him, a set of Futsal shoes together with accessories.  Lets all this pictures describe everything

T.H.E.C.A.K.E (actually he is same age with me)

When talk about blowing candle, is his profession.  He will blew everybody candles..he..he..he..

"Blew it Sayang and accomplish your mission" I think that what his daddy talking about

As I told before, its free pants day

"Happy Birthday"

Capturing time!!!


With his present

24th December is an anniversary day.  My beloved parents and the only brother anniverssaries.  No any celebration but they did go for a dinner.  It was an ad hoc planned and as a result, I missed the dinner.  They dine at Sushi King.  Anyhow, I always pray for their happiness for ever and after.

It took place on 2nd January.  This year GP turns 54 years old.  If he is a government servant, next year will be the last year of services..ha..ha..ha..Every year we were facing hard time to plan for GP's Birthday celebration and present.  GP quiet a choosy person.  Not that easy to buy for him something moreover the price range was so expensive.  GP also dont believe in those celebration.  Yes, he never invent in any of our celebration, he only pay if we went our for dine.  Other than that, its up to GM.  So this year, again we gather at our home sweet home for the celebration.  Although it pass midnight but we still manage to get GP to cut the cake.

  Simple celebration for a simple man

Please blew the candle

And now you are officially 54 years old

Taking picture is a must

What a great couple rite??GP with his 'Kain Pelikat' and GM with her 'Kain Batik'

Is a must ok for him to blew the candle

GP give away his kiss on his birthday to his grandson

Again the celebration took place in our house but this time GM cooked all the dishes and I top up with Domino's Pizza.  His birthday is on 8th January, almost a week after GP.  He turns 24 years old.  Hey bro, just cant believe that you are already 24th.  What to do, I will be 30 this year.  Time is running and all of us has grown older.  Still remember those days during our Bimbo time.  Perhaps we can turn back to those day.  Anway, we enjoy our evening together as one family.

One Happy Family at Home

Smile and Peace!!

"The cake will always belong to me Papa"

Our present for him, perfume set from Calvin Klien

Since we do not know what should buy for GP, we also purchased for him Calvin Klien's perfume

That end my recap for all the celebration.  Yes I know, my birthday should be in the list but since this blog belongs to me so I wish to make a full story about my birthday (hope so)..Although all dates are near to each other but we still enjoy to celebrate from one birthday to another.  Celebrating birthday has become a tradition in our family and hope so it will practising for ever.  That how we keep our bond tighten.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Still remember my post regarding on "list of celebrations"?  I wrote down it somewhere around November 2009.  Click here for review.  On that post I did narrate Ayu Bam Bam's birthday celebration.  Supposelly I share all the story sequence with the date but its not happen since I have million of task need attentions.  So, I made up my mind to conclude everything in one post, if necessary..he..he...

We skipped Ayu Bam Bam coz its already in the entry.  A week  after Ayu Bam Bam's birthday, Puan Ninie is on the list.  She was born on 27 November 1983 which means she just celebrate her 26th birthday.  This year her birthday falls during Aidil Adha.  Greatest Mama (from now onwards will known as GM) planned not to cut any cakes.  We only have small gathering among ourselves and since it Puan Ninie's birthday, Macho Man's family did not went back to Ampang.  Actually they have their arrangement whereby, for 1st day of Aidil Fitri they will spent their time with our side and vice versa for Aidil Adha but since there's a birthday celebration they tolarante on this matter.  Thank you Siti Cuty.  That's why you are so special to us!!!!So we have PULUT KUNING for a replacement and our present for her was a HANDBAG.  Know she will like it seems she planned to buy it later.  No dining since it Hari Raya but we really enjoy it.  Moreover, Puan Ninie was not around for Aidil Fitri.  Love to share some captures that I steal from her FB

Buah Hati helping her Mummy to cut the cake, Pulut Kuning actually

One HAPPY FAMILY at home!!!

Ladies in the house with Greatest Papa (known as GP from here onwards)


Siblings with Buah Hati

She with her present

Thanks Deary Sis, May Allah Bless you Always

That was our food for the day.  Its Hari Raya ok, so dont ever think about nice dishes.

The next day right after Puan Ninie, was Buah Hati's birthday.  Was born on 28th November 2007.  His 2nd birthday celebration took place in his Atuk and Ummi's House at Ampang.  Our preparation for him begins a week earlier.  Everybody was so excited to hold a party especially when comes to  the  matter of buying presents for him.  What else can cheer up the kids if not a toys rite..Celebration started around 5ish pm due to weather condition.  What ever it is, the celebrations successful and many kids spent time to join the birthday party.  You are a big boy already la Sayang..huh..huh...Some picture taken before and during his celebration

Some of the chocolates that we be put inside the goodies bag

Busy with work force

What was inside her mind actually??Look blurly

Our Chief Commander
The Goodies for Little Cutiest.  Sorry none for adults..
"The Baggage"

The Birthday Boy aka My Buah Hati

The  Cake

With his Aki aka GP

Some of the present that he received...Enjoy your kids time dear!!!

Thanks for coming guys...Love you all

Still coping to do "Peace" but now he was so expert

Take a snap for capturing moment

Show off with one of his present to Lil "Awan Dania"

All of us did not share for his birthday present.  Just to make the quantities.  After all kids did not appreciate on valuable items but will on the numbers rite...but I did spent a sum of dollar which quiet expensive also for him.  Anyway, it doesnt matter as long I can see her smiling face.  Me and Ayu Bam Bam share and buy him a set of Thomas Talking Railway.  Thomas is one of famous character in Astro Cartoon Channel.  

GM's birthday 3 days after Buah Hati birthday, 1st December.  Can you guys see what a list that I have??As i mentioned earlier, we have to keep away part of our earning every month just to face all the upcoming birthdays.  No complaining...Anyway, GM turns 50 this year.  What a golden years right.  Unfortunately, a day before her birthday something terrifying happened and its jeopardy her celebration.  Wish to share what is all about but not in this entry.  Later on will try to pick some suitable time to share.  Due to that, GM had 2 times celebration.  1st is just on the dot of 12 o'clock am of 1st December and the second was 2 days after her birth date.  So for the 1st one they did small celebration at home but I was not around.  Have something arrangement outside, after all its an ad hoc.  Puan Ninie planned it.  Let me share some photos:


Blow the candle with her grandson.  Buah Hati expertise!!!

Love both of you eternity

For a real celebration, we dine in at Rebung.  Puan Ninie who are the one that arrange everything but due to certain circumstances and communication barriers, we arrived late at Rebung.  As a results, we received sweet lectures from GP.  We take it as ouf fault.  By the way, Rebung's location is just behind Dataran Maybank Bangsar.  This restaurant belongs to Chef Ismail and our astronaut, Dr Syeikh Muszaphar.  Buffet concept but they still have ala carte.  I can say the food is good.  Spare your time and try it.  Cozy environment and if you feel wanna sing few songs, yes you may.

  Me, infront of the restaurant....

Arguing or chatting??Only them can figure what they are talking about..

Smile everybody!!!

This are the reason why Buah Hati have been moody during eating time.  He wants to go up to the stage..he..he..he..

Forcing his Acu to dance with him..

See his smile....

We are enjoying our nite happily..

GM with her birthday present.  We bought her handbang also but its new arrival pattern...

GP dedicate his song to his beloved wife (is true?? I totally forgot 
what song he sang that nite)

Family capture is a must but Macho Man was missing this time...actually he took this photo

There he is... :)  

I am proud being their daugther..Nothing gonna change my love towards both of you

"The Motive" of this picture???hm....

Last capture before leaving the Rebung

Finally and for most...Me and Ayu Bam Bam...
Need to stop right now.  Almost 5 and I'm ready to go back.  Will continue later with more celebration....Yeah!!!!Wait for me okay!!!